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Welcome to the Quakertown Baseball page. New off season workout information posted as well as team deals.

Sign Up for the 2016/17 HS teams here:
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You will need a parent email, player email, and know your grades in each class to complete the sign up.

Team Goals

1) Academic and personal growth: a way to reinforce school and morality through a medium in which players love and enjoy.

2) Player development: players will perform better at the end of the year better than they did at the begining of the year; some more than others. Players will develop some new mental and physical approaches.

3) Win games: we expect to win games and play at our best each game. Playing games at our highest ability level determines a sucessful season and by doing so we put ourselves in a great position to win every game.

4) Share the passion: players will learn all about the game and enjoy the pure pleasure of being apart of the game. Players are expected to execute instructions and practice and play their best everyday; playing hard and loving the game go hand in hand.


1) Players are student-athletes; students first athletes second

2) Players are expected to be at all practices and games on time

3) Players are to undestand they represent not only themselves in their actions, but the team and will act accordingly

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